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Inspirational people and places; imagination, ideas, music and creativity; design; stores and shopping; inspirational clients; local and global; leadership, Love, and rugby. Join today and talk it up. (External Link)

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A selection of the latest Saatchi & Saatchi corporate news, creative initiatives and new business wins.  And a stack of media coverage looking at the life and passions of a working CEO.

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Strategy, news, videos, blogs, trends, events and more, the latest developments in Sustainability from Saatchi & Saatchi S.


We've figured out that you like to download here's some stuff: bio, photos, book previews and a rather large press kit containing snippets of just about everything on this website.

Official KR Bio

The Official KR Bio, providing an overview of Kevin's career and achievements to date. Available to download as a PDF (67KB)or Word doc (21KB)

Latest Speech

Kevin Roberts delivers a presentation to Georgetown University students, discussing how to win the world and succeed in the Age of the Idea.