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KR's Story
Work and play. A chance to keep up with ideas and issues as they happen.

With KR Connect, you are more than welcome to join in the discussion. Check out recent blog posts and set up your own RSS feed subscription by clicking on the graphic below.

KR Connect - Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi
KR Bio
The Official KR Bio, providing an overview of Kevin's career and achievements to date. Also available to download as a PDF (67KB) or Word doc (21KB).
KR Connect - Blog (External link)
Insights into the worlds of creativity, music, ideas, Lovemarks and inspiration. Let’s start some conversations (External link).
Latest L'Espresso Column (5.27MB PDF)
Written for Italy's legendary L'Espresso magazine, these articles cover the widest range of themes and ideas. Read the latest article 'La Moda, Bellezza' in English (45Kb doc) and Italian (5.27Mb, PDF). You can find previous articles in the media section.
The Turn Your Life Around Trust runs on inspiration, optimism, vision and a belief that the lives of young people at risk can be transformed. Find out more about this inspirational organization.
Jane Inside
Disturbing, painful and shocking. Jane Inside is the true story of a teenager who created a character to protect herself. Read about this extraordinarily powerful book and its author Jane Thomsen.