Beautiful Vision


Speaking at the Center for Retailing Conference in Arkansas, Kevin Roberts provides insights on shopper engagement, price and consumer behavior – includes client examples from Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Miller High Life.

Listen to the Music


In this keynote presentation at the Sweets and Snacks expo in Chicago, Kevin Roberts shares five ideas to help those in the industry be empathetic to both the realities around them and life through the eyes of the consumer. He covers key ways to get to the future first in the people-powered economy, through delivering Priceless Value, Emotion, Participation, Lovemarks, Shelf Back thinking and Purpose.

Luxury From the Heart


In this presentation to the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit, Cynthia McFarlane, President Saatchi & Saatchi Latin America, presents some emerging revelations about high net worth consumers in today’s new economic reality, sharing the learnings from a recent Luxury Xploring project.

The Inspiration for Lovemarks – Fox Business


  Kevin Roberts features in a series of video interviews for Fox Business’ Talkenomics show, addressing a range of topics including the inspiration for Lovemarks, what he learnt working for Mary Quant in the ‘60s, and the principle of ‘fail fast, learn fast, fix fast’. Watch the latest video at

Making It In Today’s Post Catastrophic World


At this event with students from the University of St Andrews in Edinburgh, Kevin Roberts shares with young people, ideas on chasing their dreams and living a fulfilling life. The speech covers the importance of thinking with the heart, living for ideas and heading to the radically-optimistic edge.

Love On the Edge


Speaking to leading winemakers and connoisseurs at Pinot Noir 2010, Kevin Roberts shares his ideas to help New Zealand Pinot Noir thrive in a competitive world market. To create and sustain premium margins, Kevin highlights the importance of making Lovemarks, investing in global marketing from the edge, thinking from the “shelf back” to reach the heart of the consumer, and building participation.

The 21st Century Flaneur – L’Espresso (PDF)


There’s nothing like exploring a new city. The thrill of adventure, the excitement of discovery, your blood pumps and you feel alive. Around every corner, a world awaits. No doubt a flâneur feels some of this. A what? A flâneur! (by Kevin Roberts) 

Blue Skies


In this presentation at the Marketing & Innovation Forum in Munich this week, Kevin Roberts has 10 transforming ideas for business including the participation economy, the unreasonable power of creativity, Lovemarks as the future beyond brands, and revolution inside the store.

Toyota – Better Together

Lovemarks Video

It’s amazing when two work together as one. Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney Credits:  Production Company: Stink London Director: Ne-o Executive Creative Director: Steve Back Creative Director: David Bowman Art Director: Peter Galmes Copywriter: John McKelvey Agency Producer: Barbara Devlin