We’re moving from limits to possibilities. This speech from the AUT – Idealog Innovation Series highlights how FREDA can transform companies, even in difficult times. Kevin talks about his experiences with Toyota, as well as his thoughts on the foundations and tactics for success and growth.

Crest – Bulldozer

Lovemarks Video

Smile and the world smiles with you. Saatchi & Saatchi New York Credits: Client: Crest Executive Creative Director: Gerry Graf Creative Director: Kerry Keenan, Alison Gragnano Copywriter: Nathan Frank Art Director: Dan Lucey Agency Producer: Colin Pearsall, Maura Hurley Production Company: Station Film Producer: Tom Rossano Director: Harold Einstein Editor: Ian Mackenzie/Mackenzie Cutler, NY Sound…

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Feet in the Clouds


Back in the day, brands were in control. Today, they’re not. The Consumer is Boss and she wants ideas, inspiration and dreams. In this speech at the Televisa Conference in Mexico City, Kevin Roberts demonstrates how ideas will be the currency of the future and uses Lovemarks, Sisomo, and Flow to guide his argument.

Power and the Passion


Advertising is all around us, in our homes, at our work, in the magazines we read and the programs we watch. This speech from The Institute of Directors Annual Convention highlights how advertising plays an essential part in any company looking to develop and grow, as well as Kevin’s thoughts on the future of advertising and how it is set to become increasingly individually focused.

Beyond the Horizon


Roberts believes we need to reinvent the advertising industry to win in the 21st century. In this address to Dubai advertisers and marketers, he looks far beyond the horizon and shares his ideas on how to deliver transformation. A passionate advocate of consumers, ideas and creativity, he champions the idea of Lovemarks as the future beyond brands and beyond advertising.