The Power of Coaching – NZ Rugby World


In an Op-Ed for NZ Rugby World, Kevin Roberts discusses the increased impact coaches are having on rugby and the growing role of mental toughness, decision-making, attitude and accountability in the game.

How to Win in the Age of Now


Spanning creativity, leadership and execution, Kevin Roberts’ presentation to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Wellington Chapter is an inspirational primer in: Wanting to Win, Ways to Win Now and Ways to Keep Winning – the secrets of Peak Performance so that winning becomes a habit.

The Senior Screenager – Werbewoche (PDF)


Kevin Roberts, author of Lovemarks, is an unconventional thinker focused on getting brands into the hearts of consumers. The Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Worldwide was one of the top speakers at this year’s Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken. (In German)

Leica – Soul

Lovemarks Video

The film, shot in black and white and narrated in German, is a homage to the birthplace of Leica and gives a fleeting glimpse of the lives of a war photojournalist and his lover in 1955. Told from the POV of the photographer’s trustworthy Leica III, the story follows him to a conflict where his…

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